Type to Learn is an engaging typing for kids software that is great for students in kindergarten through 12th grade. This interactive application provides sequential touch-typing instruction in an engaging and fun format. The software lacks a few key features, but otherwise is an excellent keyboarding for kids application.

Type to Learn is comprised of more than 100 typing lessons for kids (called Missions) that teach all the fundamentals of touch-typing. These include proper posture and hand positions, correct finger-to-key movement and the dreaded (for many kids) number and punctuation keys. The application introduces keys two at time, with corresponding typing exercises to develop keystroke memory for those particular keys.

Type to Learn also offers five typing games for youngsters as a smart way to emphasize skills and keep kids typing. Each one is designed to improve a specific keyboarding skill, such as speed, accuracy and left- and right-hand coordination. As they go through the lessons and move through the assessments, the application promotes kids to higher ranks (equivalent to typing levels), starting with Beginner Recruit and advancing to Master Agent.

You get typing tests for kids and progress reports that benefit both parents and children because they help you, as a parent, gauge how your child is doing, and they let children see areas where they need to improve and where they are excelling.

You can even view the progress reports as bar graphs to see children's accuracy by hand, finger and key, which will show you your child's skills using specific fingers, keys, the left or right hand and different rows on the keyboard. Armed with this knowledge, you can encourage your child to focus on areas where he is weak and he can improve.

The software does not provide an adjusted words-per-minute (WPM) rate, which shows not only how quickly your child can type but also how accurately, since the adjusted WPM rate would take into consideration the number of errors. Ideally, it is best to focus on accuracy first and speed later. The best typists are both fast and correct in their keyboarding.

An interesting usability issue with this typing software for kids is that once your child launches it, your child must remain in the application unless they exit it. Essentially, there is no option to minimize the application interface. While this may be a downside for kids who like to multitask, others may thoroughly enjoy feeling essentially transported to another place entirely. Also, with no other distractions, your students can fully concentrate on their typing lessons.

Type to Learn is available for schools and individuals. For individual users, there is a CD and a web version. If your child's school uses Type to Learn for it keyboarding for kids instruction, the web version might work nicely for your child. The web version allows children to log in to their accounts at school or at home and always begin where they left off.

Type to Learn Summary:

Type to Learn offers a fun and engaging platform for kids to learn how to type. Its typing missions are interactive, and its games are simultaneously educational and entertaining. This kids typing software lacks an adjusted WPM rate and requires you to fully exit the application to access other applications, but Type to Learn is ideal for teaching motivated students how to touch-type.


Type to Learn 4

Type to Learn makes touch-typing instruction fun and interactive for kids, and its curriculum is ideal for children in kindergarten through 12th grade.

The software does not provide an adjusted words-per-minute rate, and you must exit the application to access other applications on your computer.

The Verdict:

With a unique theme and interactive games, Type to Learn is ideal to teach motivated students how to touch-type accurately.