Type to Learn 4 Review

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Type to Learn 4: Agents of Information takes students and teachers to another dimension of learning. It has many fun games that both entertain and practice learned materials. It does lack some important managing features for teachers and administrators, but it will effectively teach students to type from beginning to end. If you are looking for more advanced products, be sure to look into our other reviews on kids typing software for schools.

Feature Set

Teachers have a good base of features to work with. They menu bar includes: user options, student reports, class management, user management and account settings. In these tools, the teacher has full control over the learning program. For example, the teacher can customize how often the students will play a typing game.

A great feature to have for kids typing software for schools is the ability to create lessons. After creating the lessons of your own, you will be able to put it wherever you want, in learning activities or as a test.

Ease of Use

Type to Learn 4 is easy software to use. The interface is simple with quick navigation. Because there are not an excessive amount of features and tools, the program is pretty self-explanatory. The Manager (or Master Teacher) has access to changing the settings of the learning program, but does not have access to the actual lessons and activities that the students go through. The Manager can change the settings of the lessons, but cannot actually participate in the lessons. We feel that that is an important feature to have so that the teachers can demonstrate to struggling students and would making the teaching and learning easier.


The help section was lacking with the software. When pushing the help button in the login screen, the only thing mentioned is, “Type your username and password. If you forgot them, ask your teacher.” This is great advice for students, but what if the teacher/manager forgets their username and password? Be sure to write down the important information. Once logged in, help is not readily accessible. When clicking on the help button, you are warned that a PDF file is about to open, and that is how you view the help guide. The problem with this is that it forces you to leave the program. This would take time and become a little frustrating.

Ease of Installation

We had no problems when installing the software.


When all is said and done, Type to Learn 4 is a great product that will teach students effective typing. The learning curve may be a little advanced for the youngsters, but the animations may be fun enough to keep them involved and motivated to learn. The manager has plenty of features to work with, but not as many as the top-rated products that we reviewed. Be sure to look at our review on the individual product of Type to Learn 4 for more detailed descriptions of the learning features.